Leadership Workshop is a dynamic motivational and leadership workshop for School & College Students for children & young adults who have a sincere commitment to creating extraordinary results in their lives.

18 Such Workshops have been conducted at reputed schools like Delhi Public School(Multiple Branches at Delhi and other cities), Lotus Valley International School, and other leading school.

Participants are empowered to invent new possibilities, have the courage to face challenges and be free to create, grow, and be fully self-expressive.


The Leadership program provides insights and tools for teenagers to enhance their self-esteem, improve their ability to communicate clearly, and to think critically about their problems in the context of the larger picture of life.  Participants have an opportunity to discover and redesign the limiting beliefs they have about themselves and others. These self-imposed limitations keep them from fully achieving their maximum capabilities.

The workshop helps the young champions increase self-awareness, self-control, listening skills, and empathy, which can lead to a happier and healthier life. Leadership focuses on developing participants as the future leaders of our communities, businesses and the world.

The Takeaways:

  • Higher Self-Esteem

  • Ability to rise above peer pressure

  • Clarity on goals, commitments, and choices

  • Strategies for Academic Success

  • Happiness and gratitude

  • Learning how to deal with stress

  • Communicating more openly and honestly with family and friends

  • Managing Temptations of Technology

The Leadership Program uses coaching, role-play exercises, group and partner discussion, and reflective writing as tools to increase self-worth and empowerment.

Teen Leadership is a 1-day(4 hours) training.

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