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Our Conversation With Self: How We Talk Within

Our Conversation With Self: How We Talk Within This is the first article of a two-part series on Our Conversation With Self

I don’t think I can do this?

I better keep my mouth shut.

What will s/he think about me?

Why are they looking at me like this?

Am I looking uncool?I am not good enough

How does the above conversation with YOU make YOU feel? Really bad right?

So how do we make these conversations with ourselves positive?

“Talk to yourself like you would to someone you love”

Have you ever noticed what your inner voice is trying to tell you?

Self-talk is a normal phenomenon, we all talk in our minds. It is our inner voice, the voice in our head that says things which we often can’t say aloud. Kristin Neff, a writer, and researcher in Huffington, says that people who are self-motivated are less likely to suffer from depression, anxiety, stress, and insecurity, and more likely to be happy, optimistic, confident, and successful.

We can practice the way we talk to ourselves, by encouraging more positive self-talks. And why not?

Positive self-talks inspire us; they help increase our confidence, empower us to pursue what our heart desires, enable us to create a conducive environment for growth, and allow us to live with a mind full of hopefulness and love.

Congratulate and Thank yourself for your achievements. We tend to thank the world but forget ourselves. It may be that you did not complete the task but you made a genuine effort. Acknowledge that effort and say to yourself “Well done”.

See the impact it will create in your life and how you talk to yourself will also reflect in the way you talk to others. You will see yourself being more patient, mindful, empathetic and ultimately HAPPY. Wow! Is that not AWESOME?

Our actions are a reflection of our thoughts. However, it is difficult to practice positive self-talk always, especially while undergoing a stressful life event. Changing the way we chatter in our minds may be hard in the beginning, but once we master it, it can impact our physical and mental well being in surprising ways. Let us explore the ways in which we can develop positive self-talk. We are all creatures of habit and it takes time. All we have to do is develop the power of daily practice.

In the next part of the series, we will discuss 5 ways to develop positive Self Talk.

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