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Enabling your Teen to Manage their TIME

In the current unique circumstances, the one thing we have is the GIFT of TIME. I share with you 3 ways to Connect with Your Teen & Enable them to Manage their Time Better:

1. Connect with Your Teen:

Today more than ever is the time for you to connect with them without the intention of getting things done. No academics, no career conversations, just sharing your stories, playing a game together, watching a show together,playing a board game, appreciating each other, & doing daily chores together.

2. Making a Routine:

In my conversations with teens over the last two weeks, the one thing they are struggling the most with, is how to spend their time. So we usually keep saying, "If I had time, I will do this ...". Play that as a game, If I had time , I will..... . Then each one prepares a list of things. And then put that list at a place where it is visible. Every morning, pick one or more things you want to do today. It's also a time of transition from one session to the other for students. Some may have to choose their subjects, some may like to work on their career, some may be worrying about new class, new subjects, shuffling of students. This is a great time to work on the same.

3. Physical Health:

Yes we are all home. That does not stop us or our children from doing something worthwhile for their body. As a family, you may do Yoga together. Teens may do a quick Tabata workout or dance or anything that keeps them physically active.

An active body and mind will make you cherish the GIFT OF TIME in an awesomely conducive way.

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