6 Day intensive teen leadership camp


This 6-day intensive workshop is for teens aged 12-18 who want

to develop their leadership capacity, build new friendships,

impact their communities, and have fun doing it! Teens will

engage in creative activities to increase personal power,

find their unique gifts, build communication skills, strengthen

relationship and facilitate conflict within themselves and

in groups.


The course will gather a diverse group of young people with a

variety of backgrounds and life experience. The diversity of the

group will offer youth the opportunity to learn more about

difference, explore the roots of conflict and to find their

authentic voice and the courage to use it.

The youth learns 5 Key Leadership Skills of Empathy, Decision

Making, Gratitude, Time Management & Health

This Summer program provides an opportunity for youth to:

• Find their authentic power, creativity, and talent

• Get along with differences and power dynamics

• Feel comfortable with a wide range of diversity

• Develop confidence

• Deal with bullying and become an engaged bystander

• Develop grit and fortitude through struggle and obstacle

• Learn real-life conflict facilitation skills

• Be the change they wish to see

The last day will be a ParenTeen Day where parents and teens

come together to interact, discuss, learn, contribute and grow. 

Parents will also witness the Growth Story of the Wonderful



Dates & Time: 

29 May to June 3,2019

9:30 am to 1:30 pm 

To Register Call @ 8810646908

@ +91 9319653999

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